Love Is The Root

Coming Nov. 19th

A new album by Homegrown Reggae consisting of 12 tracks each one about love. On all digital platforms November 19th.

Pre-order your copy on iTunes today!

Pre-order your copy on iTunes today!

homegrown reggae

"The album Opposite People is a look at the visions I saw while observing certain crucial events that changed the history of our people and our world.  From the recent police killings of black youth that were never justified, to the riots in Baltimore, Ferguson, and and other major cities which brought activists, freedom fighters and regular citizens all together for one purpose. 

As a man in Baltimore said that even though we were burning and looting, Black people had come together for once and whites and [members of] other races who did not condone the injustices stood with them. We had seemingly become a people standing against the system. Race had come out of hiding and it was as though America was at war against itself. Some thought it was the beginning of another American Revolution. People were tired of being mistreated and they were fighting back. Power had been given to wicked and cruel men and many deemed it as OK. Some of our rights were being changed or even taken away, some we were never given.

What was actually a rich vs. poor war, they tried to make a black vs. white war. Life had some how flipped around, the good values once held now had no value. If you wanted to be popular, heard, or even considered, you had to be bad, rude, or downright wicked or cruel to folks.  No one likes the good guy anymore. Peace and love are slowly becoming a thing of the past. Everybody wants to possess the biggest gun, the biggest bomb, the biggest missile.  No one is backing down".
                                                                                    - Russell Cormier

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